vegetarian pad thai

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Organic Ingredients:

1 Box of noodles

1 small pack of baby corn

3 carrots

2 eggs

1 zucchini

soya sauce

penut butter

3 limes

2 tsps brown sugar

Peanut oil

3 Tbsps vinegar.


1- Cut vegetables into thin slices

2-Boil noodles as indicated in the pack

3-Sautee vegetables in peanut oil until half cooked.

4- In a bowl mix 3 tbsps of peanut oil +3 tbsps of soya sauce+2 tbsps lime juice+2 tsps of brown sugar+ 2tbsps vinegar (you can add hot sauce or cayenne pepper)

5- Beat eggs lightly in a separate bowl and add to the vegetable mixture.

6-Drain noodles and mix with vegetables and add the soy and peanut sauce.

7-Cut  limes into chunks and serve.




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