Prenatal yoga


Pregnancy is a challenging phase in life,staying fit helps a lot in balancing the fluctuating hormones and the overall health of a mom to be easing up the delivery process (unless any medical complication does not allow you to exercise).

Prenatal Yoga is a maintenance practice. We are tuning to the intuitive body by moving beyond the ego and the fluctuations of the mind or chitta vritti into true intelligence or buddhi.

In a prenatal yoga class we are asked “to be ourselves” rather than “a better version of ourselves”.

Private and group packages are available:

Private packages :

Individual classes (1hour ): 80 dollars/class

5 classes package: 350 dollars

10 classes package : 700 dollars

Group packages:

2 persons :50 dollars/person

5 Class packages for 2: 200 dollars/person

3 persons and more :40 dollars /person

5 class packages for >3 persons: 175 dollars/person