purple chicken stew

Organic Purple chicken stew


2 organic chicken breasts

2 bay leaves

Pandan leaves

Himalayan salt

White pepper

Organic carrots

Yellow zucchini

Baby corn

2/3 cup of Rice mix (whole wheat rice,black rice,red rice..)


1-Slice chicken into small chunks

2-Bring chicken into a boil in1 Liter of water with bay leaves and white pepper.Skim the foam from the surface as it builds up.

3-Slice carrots,zucchini and baby corn

4-Add rice mix  while chicken is cooking

5-Add veggies with 1/2 tsp.

6-Leave covered on low fire until rice and vegetables are fully cooked.(1h30min)

Chicken will turn purple from natural rice colors.

Black and red rice are loaded with antioxidants,phytonutrients,phytochemical,vitamin E,protein and iron.

Enjoy !



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