Mission and Vision

Skinnykc’s vision is to be an authoritative source of information and services on the web. We will earn our customer’s trust, and followings by offering only the highest quality of information. Our target population is anyone interested in nutrition, healthy food, homemade recipes, diet tips, clean eating, fitness ,exercise, organic food, gluten free diet, nutrition coaching and food related events. The character KC and the drawings illustrating the different health topics also adds to the scientific part a small sense of humor.

This online source of information will help people get free, relevant scientific information on topics that will help them improve their professional and personal lives. In addition to that online consultation is a tool to guide them on nutrition good habits wherever they are and whenever they feel like without the hassle of driving and staying in the waiting room before their appointment. Skinnykc thrives to be the missing link for any food related information. We believe that kc will provide something of value to its target audience and by doing so it will attract the building of communities on the web that will generate traffic and links from other sites.

The content is continually updated and new articles are published every day some of them in the form of short posts other more detailed with an illustration for every topic and related videos.

The products and services evolve depending on new trends in the web and nutrition world. Restaurant reviews is to be added for comments on the different restaurants I visited regarding their food quality and presentation. KC’S recipe is a very useful tool for young people and working mothers because recipes are easy to prepare and at the same time very healthy. Some informative videos are also available for a thorough cooking guide.

The array of drawings makes people grasp scientific information in a funny way for better nutrition choices. Topics that are of paramount importance are sometimes portrayed in a simple way by chosing a particular scene featuring KC and a specific type of food.

Social media is aso available as a back up to attract more followers and more traffic on the website such as instagram, facebook, google+, pinterest, tumbler, youtube and linkedin.

I believe that this website can be of great help specially that I am an experienced certified clinical dietitian and I try to tackle subjects or misconceptions that I have been through with my patients. There are a lot of diets available in the market and they will surely work for a period of time but the key element is longterm effect so in order to reach that you need to be continuously guided for proper food choices.

There are a lot of blogs and website that cover the same topics but Skinnykc is one of the few with a chartoon charater that represents healthy eating habits.

Skinnykc aspires to be one of the most visited website for nutriton and wellbeing as well as good cooking and diet tips with constant improvement to target a large audience from all around the world.