food addiction

Food addiction

A lot of concerns evolve around food;more specifically our relationship with food.Eating too little or overeating is very common. This fear of weight gain has changed the way we perceive hunger and satiety.

Mindful eating has become crucial for a healthy relationship with food. Social media and magazines has influenced the way we react to certain foods. Adds are programmed through neuromarketing strategies to hit brain areas in relation to addiction when it comes to promoting sweets and junk food.

The sole fact of eating a meal has become so complex.A lot of factors come into play such as family history,social background,food preferences,fear of weight gain,body image,peer pressure hence emotional eating and eating disorders.

Obesity has become an epidemic because eating is supposed to nurture the body when its energy stores are depleted however eating is today associated with emotions and cravings.

Our body is programmed to maintain its ideal body weight in the sense that it is more of a stable body weight with a plus or minus 2 kilos margin within a year. Diets have led people to eat even when they are not hungry by fear of feeling hungry. Respecting our body’s own signals is vital for our overall wellbeing. Food restriction is bad for the mind and body,eating when hungry and stopping when full is part of mindful eating which has become very popular due to extreme dieting and bad eating habits which lead to ignoring satiety and hunger sensations.