Corporate Nutrition


A healthy body equals a healthy brain, and a healthy brain needs a healthy body.

Professionals, were it be, young entrepreneurs, business owners, employees at any seniority level are very often neglecting healthy lifestyles in favor of long hours at work, receptions, dinners, where they act passively on what and how to eat, and when or where to exercise.

The answer to all those needs is a behavioral change, because a healthy lifestyle can be reached anywhere.

We believe that the key to behavioral change is communication, so my focus is on understanding, listening and empowering employees to create changes in their nutritional being with a view to convert such being into well being.

Here is an example of a workshop/nutrition programs that suits the workforce needs:

  • Maximizing energy level of employees through a healthy diet
  • Weight loss eating programs
  • Choosing a healthy lunch on the go
  • Nutrition and stress
  • Healthy family eating habits
  • Eating to reduce cholesterol and the risk of type 2 Diabetes
  • Weight management
  • Nutritional analysis and calorie labeling of food products and menu items (macro and micronutrients content)
  • Consultancy for new health product sold within the food and fitness industry.
  • Restaurant menu consulting and recipe development (by collaboration with chefs for heart healthy dishes)
  • Elaboration of gluten free menus and identification of allergens.

*Nutrition labeling, menu elaboration and consultancy prices are set according to total working hours.

Price per conference or workshop:

For one day: 400 US dollars (2-4 hours)
For one hour: 150 US dollars