Cooking Classes

Cooking can be a hassle to most people especially when we lead hectic lifestyles.

I will guide you through that crucial daily task by teaching you how to prepare simple recipes in less than 20 min.

You will be given tips on how to substitute commercial ingredients with natural alternatives which is cost effective and healthy at the same time.

I will also be teaching you to convert traditional recipes to healthier, hearty options.

Desserts are everybody’s weak point this is why we will be preparing the best chocolate brownie or any of your favorite desert totally guilt free.

For those of you who are intolerant to specific food items you will see that there are a lot of options available once you know which ingredients are good for you.

I also like to emphasize that holistic nutrition is vital this is why cooking classes will teach you how to be a wellness cook for you and your family.You will also benefit from nutrition tips and guidelines on the best wholesome food for you.

The ingredients list will be given to you once we schedule the cooking session timing.

Sessions will be of 1h30 -2 hours depending on the recipes.


Cooking session program (2-5 persons):

Session 1: Preparation of breakfast items

Session 2: Preparation of hot dishes

Session 3: Preparation of heart healthy soups

Session 4: How to prepare healthy salads and entrees

Session 5: How to prepare guilt free dessert recipes


Fees for the cooking session program 600 $

You can split fees and gather maximum 5 persons.