KC’s World

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I still have to brief you on KC‘s meaning, funny enough ‘K ‘is for ‘Kitty’ and ‘C’ is for ‘Cat’ so, now what does a kitty cat has to do in a nutrition/wellbeing website? Kitty Cat is a cartoon I created with different stories depending on the latest news circulating around food and wellness. Being an animal lover, I find that cats resemble humans in some of their behavioral instincts, they are protective when you approach their newborns, playful when they are around things they find attractive, aggressive with people that hurt them and attention seekers with the careless ones.

Society has trained humans to perceive fat as sadness for business purposes (ex: weight loss adds portraying fat people as sad and skinny people as happy) at least cats still show gratitude and happiness when they are fed.

You will follow the evolution of KC through entertaining sketches that will illustrate the different topics I will be covering.