About the Author

I am Stephanie NBK ,nutrition is my passion along with fashion and traveling. I have worked in the field of clinical nutrition for almost ten years,i am now based in Dubai, and travel frequently to France and Lebanon. Visiting new countries thrills me, the first thing that crosses my mind is to check the supermarkets and restaurants to know better about local food and eating habits, I always end up picking a favorite local fruit or recipe as a memory .

My role is to raise awareness among people on weight issues and chronic diseases through adequate food intake.  Healthy eating is complex, it does not actually mean exercising everyday and eating low fat, low carbohydrates or gluten free or whatever diet the industry decided is appropriate for us but rather aiming at a wholesome lifestyle coupled to a steady sustainable weight. This website/blog will help you familiarize with the meaning of clean eating.

Media has poisoned our minds to think that skinny is associated with happiness and is an essential criterion to fit in. Women are struggling to maintain a size zero and men are training excessively to look like ‘360’ heroes as a proof of youth and attractiveness …People are fighting unwanted kilos or skin marks at an age where wrinkles and extra pounds are a normal and healthy sign of aging.There is 23000 different diets in the market but still not a single one that worked for everyone because we are all biochemically different. We always read” HEALTHY, WHOLESOME, NATURAL” yet we realize that there is a lot of unfamiliar chemical names that are found in food packages.Excess weight is not necessarily a sign of lack of control but sometimes a manifestation of genes or psychological issues.

There are a lot of studies that favor good fats and highlight the risks of deficiencies resulting from zero fat diets. We are in the verge of losing the authentic taste of traditional recipes .The old cooking methods that used animal fats are accused of killing us but what about our sedentary lifestyle?

Craving a chocolate cake or an ice cream is not a crime or something to be ashamed of but a basic need your body is asking for. Low processed food diet should be the target rather than constantly dieting.

Excessive diets and harsh exercise regimen are not a prerequisite to health and happiness. It is sad to realize that extreme dieters encounter more health issues than traditional people such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, depression and bipolar disorder driven by the constant need to be flawless and perfect. Exercising in a way that stops you from doing other activities or confine you to a diet that doesn’t let you enjoy life or people that surround you is an extreme behavior that should be avoided.

Feel free to share with me comments,articles or videos regarding wellbeing and related topics so we can discuss and debate.

No need to remind you that moderation is the key in everything you do in life whether it is diet, exercise or choosing a healthy lifestyle!

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